Saturday, 27 December 2008

I am sure everyone has heard about the 225 people that have been massacred in the latest Zionist aggression on the Palestinian people. This is just unbelievable, and the anger cannot be described, the anger not from what the Zionists have done, but from the silence of the Arab and Islamic nations towards this massacre and from those betraying governments, especially that of Egypt whose president (the fascist dictator) sold an entire nation, their cause and their future in order to keep his damn seat under his fat butt.

I want here to clear up some idiotic Zionist claims that what has happened today was a response to the "constant rocket attacks" the Zionist entity has been under by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, in order to clarify this misleading propaganda we have to look at who has been attacking who for the past year.

January 17: Israel imposes a blockade on Gaza.

February 27-March 3:
More than 120 Palestinians killed in Israeli military's "Hot Winter" operation in Gaza.

March 6: Eight students killed in gun attack on a Jewish institute in west Jerusalem. Hamas claims responsibility.

June 19: A six-month truce negotiated by Egyptian mediators comes into force.

July 25: Five Hamas militants and a young girl killed in a bomb attack on the Gaza Strip.

November 5: Seven Palestinians are killed in an Israeli operation in Gaza, prompting the resumption of rocket attacks on Israel.

November 12: Four Palestinian militants are killed in a clash with Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

December 18: The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have escalates their military attacks on the Gaza Strip, killing a Palestinian and destroying houses and other civilian premises

December 19: Ceasefire between Hamas and Israel officially ends.

December 20: Israel targets and kills militant from Al-Aqsa brigade, the armed wing of Fateh.

December 27: Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza killing 205 and injuring around 700 people.

I think this point is clear.

Anyways the time of trying to prove who is right and who is wrong has already passed, if we are not able to act now and end the tyranny of such an entity that has oppressed, massacred, occupied, destroyed and tortured for the past 60 years then we might as well give up on everything and just live our empty lives with no dignity because that is what we really deserve, and to be honest that is what we have already been doing for the past 30 years.

If the Zionist entity believes that it can destroy Hamas (which was democratically elected by the Palestinians) by destroying their headquarters and security infrastructure then that is just utter stupidity. The Zionists tried that in 2006 when they tried to destroy Hizbullah, and what did that result in? A wider support for Hizbullah not only within Lebanon, but across the Arab and Islamic world. I really do think that the Zionists never learn from their mistakes, that you can never destroy or change an idea by force, that idea being Resistance. And if you try then it will just gain more support.

So when Olmert tries to explain to the people in Gaza that the Palestinians in Gaza are not the enemies of Isreal it is Hamas who are the enemies and that they are fighting Hamas who put them (the Palestinians in Gaza) in that position, then you fool its only going to make Palestinians in Gaza support Hamas even further, because believe it or not the Palestinians don't like you very much since you tried to starve them to death.

I pray to God to give our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine the strength to go through these tough times, and inshallah, God willing, one day we will ALL be martyrs in the cause of those who have been oppressed. If only we had leaders who were actually afraid of the day they will be questioned about their actions in this life.

Note: Anyone living in the UK demonstrations will be held in London infront of the Isreali Embassy at 2pm and in Manchester opposite the BBC on Oxford Road at 1pm.

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